Facial Aesthetics

Beautiful Skin to Go With That Beautiful Smile

At Community Dental Care, we are pleased to offer a BOTOX® Cosmetic and and the clinically proven, award winning skin care line Epionce. In addition to helping you have your best smile, our BOTOX dentists can enhance your new look with refreshed, more youthful looking skin.  

Dr. Polanco and Dr. Felix have extensive training and experience working with the nerves, muscles, and skeletal structure of the face. Our BOTOX dentists are highly skilled in administering injections comfortably.  As part of their continuing education, Dr. Polanco and Dr. Felix completed a board-approved training program in Facial Aesthetics and is certified to safely and effectively deliver cosmetic injections. Supporting our facial aesthetics practice is, Dodie a liscened esthetician.

Together with the clinically proven skin care regimen offered by Epionce, BOTOX® can help you feel happier about your appearance and increase you self-confidence.